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But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die. (Gen. 3:3.)

Being ill-prepared, I felt inadequate when I was asked to teach seminary where the topic for the year was the Old Testament.

I had been a member all of my life, even served a mission, but regretfully had to admit I had never read past Genesis in the Old Testament. I knew I would be learning right along with my students.

I felt a great desire to help my students know of their great worth in the eyes of their Heavenly Father, and to find a desire to live righteously, not for their bishop or parents, but for themselves.

As we studied the Creation, five words from Gen. 3:3 seemed to jump off the page at me: "Neither shall ye touch it."

Heavenly Father taught a great lesson in those five words. He not only said "thou shalt not eat of it" but also added "neither shall ye touch it," as if to say "don't even put yourselves in the position where you may be tempted."

What a wonderful lesson and example. In our society of "don't knock it until you try it," this verse gives us a clear and firm answer - don't even touch it.

Our class discussed this verse at some length and the Spirit testified to the truthfulness of it. We should stay away from those things that would lead us into temptation. I felt this scripture had been written just for me.

I'm so grateful for the Old Testament. I've gained a great love for that book and its teachings.

I'm also grateful for the opportunity I have to love and teach Heavenly Father's children. I hope I was able to touch them and help them to see that joy truly comes through righteous living.