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A grandmother-grandson missionary effort spanned eight years and helped in the conversion of Monica Wells and her husband, John, now members of the Lebanon Ward, Louisville Kentucky Stake.

The grandson, Brad A. Davis, was 12 years old when his grandmother Melda Davis served in the Kentucky Louisville Mission."I always read the letters she sent home and she seemed very happy," he said.

Seven years later Brad's turn came to serve a mission. He, too, was called to the Kentucky Louisville Mission. "I knew this was where the Lord wanted me to go."

He told his grandmother of his mission call, and even drove from his home in Rexburg, Idaho, to Cannonville in southern Utah to visit her. She told him many mission experiences, but particulary emphasized one. She had taught a woman named Monica. Monica wanted to be baptized, but her husband never would give his permission. "Grandma had heard that Monica later had a divorce and remarried. She gave me Monica's last address in Finchville, Ky., in hopes that I could find and teach her," said Elder Davis.

"From the first day I stepped in Kentucky, I was asking people where Finchville was. I looked on every map I could get my hands on, but could not locate Finchville."

After Elder Davis had been on his mission about a year and a half, he was a district leader in Glasgow, Ky. As district leader, he was to interview for baptism a family from nearby Knifley, Ky. The mother had approached missionaries and asked to be baptized.

The woman told Elder Davis that she'd been taught by missionaries years before. It turned out that she was the same woman his grandmother had taught. "I had a good talk with Monica, her husband John, and the two daughters," he said. "I had the opportunity to baptize Monica and confirm her. It was a very good experience, one I will never forget."

His grandmother was also pleased. "I was so delighted to hear the news," she exclaimed. "Monica is such a very special lady. She called to tell me she had been baptized.

"I was so delighted," said the grandmother. "I told her I had been praying for her for eight years. She replied, `I know you have.'"