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Naomi Young Schettler may be the oldest living granddaughter of Brigham Young, but she is not the only living granddaughter.

A story in the Jan. 9 Church News incorrectly reported that Sister Schettler, who reached her 100th birthday on Dec. 30, is the only surviving granddaughter of President Young. Actually there are at least two others.Klara Young Cheney, 93, Scottsdale, Ariz., and her sister, Marian Young Morgan, 89, Seal Beach, Calif., are both very much alive, according to Sister Cheney's son Douglas L. Cheney, who telephoned the Church News after seeing the story on Sister Schettler.

Luann Spiers, president of Granddaughters of Brigham Young, an association consisting of members of President Young's female lineage, said she knows of no other living granddaughters.