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"The Messiah in Ancient America," by Bruce W. Warren and Thomas Stuart Ferguson, published by Book of Mormon Research Foundation, 351 E. 3250 North, Provo, Utah 84604, 335 pages, $15.95

Substantial evidences that support the contents of the Book of Mormon are featured in this book, which includes the lifetime conclusions of the late Thomas Stuart Ferguson, a scholar of Book of Mormon archaeology. Ferguson's information has been updated and augmented by Bruce W. Warren, a BYU scholar and a leading expert on reading Mayan hieroglyphs and Mesoamerican codices, or carvings. Warren has updated Ferguson's material, added his own research and completed the book.

Among other observations, the authors note the belief that the Savior visited the American continent is not unique to the Book of Mormon. This belief was shared by early Spaniards and many of the Christianized natives, according to the authors. These people, according to the book, said that Jesus Christ was the supernatural Being often mentioned in legends, histories and religious accounts.

Archaelogical findings in Central America may link ancient civilizations there to those of the Middle East, according to photos and commentary in the book. Warren, an expert in reading the carvings of two millennia ago, offers numerous comparative symbols in New World and Old World archaeology.

This book, in which the authors avoid speculation, is one that non-scholars can enjoy. The work is a sentimental monument to Ferguson, who died in 1983. His son, Larry, and Warren worked an additional four years on the project. JH

What Messages Are You Giving Your Kids? by Ron Woods, Deseret Book Co., 40 E. South Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah 84130-0178, 144 pages, $9.95.

Are parents demanding perfection from their children? How do children learn basic values of honesty, work and compassion? Where do children learn to view life optimistically?

These are some of the questions answered in What Messages Are You Giving Your Kids? The "little things" in life are what shape children, Woods emphasizes. And in this book, he tries to help parents understand the messages that their children are sending to mom and dad. In addition, he also explains the messages parents are sending to their children.

Using numerous examples - under such topics as perfection, basic values, self-esteem, governing the family, family communication, family skills and life views - Woods shows parents how they can improve their children's attitudes and actions merely by the little things they say and do. KS