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The 13-day-old standoff between police and the family of slain polygamist John Singer that followed the bombing of the Kamas Utah Stake Center ended Thursday, Jan. 28, with the death of a police officer and the surrender of the family.

The officer was identified as Lt. Fred House, 35, Orem, Utah, in charge of the K-9 unit at Utah State Prison. He was a member of the Orem 99th Ward.In a heavy exchange of gunfire Thursday about 8:30 a.m., Addam Swapp, 27, who faces state and federal charges stemming from the bombing, was seriously injured. Swapp had barricaded himself in the Singer home, along with 14 others of the family, including Singer's widow, Vickie, 44, and nine children.

After the end of the siege, a press conference was held in Marion. John T. Nielsen, Utah commissioner of public safety, referred to a letter that Swapp had sent to Utah Gov. Norman H. Bangerter Jan. 27 after Swapp had received a personal letter from the governor.

"In essence the letter stated that he (Swapp) didn't acknowledge nor recognize the government of the state of Utah nor the government of the United States of America as having any lawful right or jurisdiction over them whatever," Nielsen said.

"Addam Swapp declared his ranch and his people an independent and free nation above the law or governmental structure of the United States of America. He indicated very clearly that if anyone trespassed upon his so-called nation or property, he would seek to defend himself in any way he saw fit. The warning was very specific. It was not veiled. It was clearly taken as a threat that any attempt to effect an arrest of him would be met with force.

"It was decided at that time that the FBI agents would execute a tactical operation to attempt to isolate Mr. Swapp and any others away from the home where the innocent children were, to affect his arrest for several outstanding warrants for felony violations, both state and federal. . . ."

As Swapp left the house on Jan. 28, a confrontation ensued. Shots were fired and Officer House was struck by a bullet. In gunfire that followed, Swapp was hit twice. After a brief period of intense fire from the home, officers moved in with armored vehicles and the family shortly surroundered.

Nielsen said none of the children was injured. "That was the number one priority of all the officers here, that all those innocent children who had been placed in harm's way by Addam Swapp and his counduct were not harmed in any way," said Nielsen. "The officers took special precautions, and have done from the outset to preserve the lives and safety of innocent children."

The Kamas stake meetinghouse, located less than a mile from the Singer farm in Marion some 50 miles east of Salt Lake City, was dynamited Jan. 16. Warrants were issued two days later for the arrest of Swapp and Mrs. Singer, whose husband was killed nine years ago during a standoff with police. Officials suspect the bombing was an act of vengeance.

During the seige, scores of shots were fired from the farmhouse but most were apparently aimed at the high intensity lights and loudspeakers that were brought in an effort to wear the family down. The dozens of police who had surrounded the home had not returned any of the gunfire until Jan. 28.

The First Presidency on Jan. 21 issued a statement concerning the situation at that time. When the First Presidency issued the statement, it was their hope that no lives would be lost.

"The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints appreciates efforts to peacefully resolve the present difficulty which affects so many lives. Our earnest prayer is that reason and good judgment may prevail on all sides to preclude any possible harm or tragedy to precious human life - adults or children. We commend those charged with enforcing the law for exercising care and restraint and appeal to them to continue to make every effort to bring this situation to a peaceful conclusion.

"The church bears no malice or animosity and seeks no recompense for any damage it has suffered. Church buildings are vital, but lives are infinitely more important. Damaged church buildings can be repaired or rebuilt, lost lives cannot."