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Those who didn't see the work that went on during the day probably would testify that a miracle took place on the hayfield property west of the new McCammon Idaho Stake center.

At 7 o'clock one recent Saturday morning, the four-acre piece of alfalfa property was covered with weeds, discarded construction concrete, gullies and boulders. By sundown, two official-size softball fields, a grandstand seating area and a pavilion amphitheater were shaped out of the dirt, dust and clay.It took some big effort and some mighty big equipment to make the drastic improvement on this church-owned piece of land. Volunteers responded to a call that went out through the priesthood quorums for people and machines for the big "Dirt Day" at the Church property.

The weather was cold but the warm spirit and busy work of the stake members melted the opposition. Two members donated the use of 20-ton bulldozers, and others donated farm tractors, loaders, blades and tillers.

Project manager Don Aslett said, "It is truly amazing how much talent, skill, equipment and enthusiasm there is abounding in a rural stake of Zion like ours. For every single phase of the development of the facility, we were able to find members to fit the needs.

"We are using the project to serve the future of our youths and to develop some team spirit. We are planning a `lava home evening' in which we are asking each member and family in the stake to search for and bring four nice flat lava rocks for the field wall. Families will have a great time together looking for the perfect rock to be in a structure that will last such a long time."