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My daughter, Megin Spivey, and two of her non-LDS friends and I were traveling home to Beavercreek, Ohio, after having spent 10 fun-filled days seeing sights and visiting friends in the northern Virginia/Washington, D.C. area.

We were driving along I-70 when all of a sudden our car lost gas pressure and stopped running. After getting a ride to a service station with a couple and telephoning a tow truck, we were towed to the nearby town of Hebron, Ohio.Once we were at the garage, I prayed about what I should do. Here we were - three hours from home, and we did not have enough money for three teenage girls and an adult to stay overnight in a motel. I also needed to make further arrangements for the car repairs to get us on the road and home.

I felt inspired to look up the local ward in the telephone book. I called the bishop's office, and Bishop Warren H. Griffin answered. I told him a little about myself and our predicament.

He told me to remain where I was for at least 15 minutes and someone would be there. In just about 15 minutes, the Relief Society president, Kay Evans, telephoned and said she would be coming after us. She invited us to spend the evening with her.

The mechanics at the garage said the car seemed to be running fine, but they suggested that I not drive on home at such a late hour; it would be best to wait until morning for the car to be inspected by a dealer.

The men at the garage were surprised that I just called a person [from my Church] I had never met, and that help was on its way so quickly. "What church do you belong to?" they asked. "I told them The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - the Mormons."

At her home, Sister Evans made sure I knew where the automobile dealer was located and how to get there early the next morning. She offered us something to eat, and provided towels for a shower, and sleeping accommodations. She was so kind and considerate; it was as though we had known her all our lives.

When my daughter's friends telephoned their mothers, one of the girls told her mother we had car trouble and were staying the night with Mrs. Spivey's "church people."

A great example of compassionate service was shown to the men at the garage and to those two non-LDS 13-year-old girls. Our Savior was compassionate and helped those in need at different times, and not always when it was convenient.

It goes without saying that Bishop Griffin and Sister Evans of the Newark Ward, Columbus Ohio East Stake, show by their actions and good deeds that they truly live the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am grateful for their love and concern for us, as unconditional love was shown and I know the Lord is proud of them and will bless them for acting on His behalf to feed His sheep.

Bishop Griffin and Sister Evans made the difference! What impact they have shown to others by helping us in time of need is an act that will help lay the foundation for future contact with the Church.