Temple Square Hotel, located south across the street form Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City, will be extensively renovated, the First Presidency announced.

The planned renovation will turn the 190-room Church-owned building into a European-style 90-room hotel, complete with library, five bridal suites, restaurant, and suites with parlors.In addition, the hotel's south entrance will be turned into a "Carriage Court" and will become the main entry with 25-foot wrought iron gates. A small parking terrace will also be added during the renovation process.

Plumbing, electrical, heating, ventilation and air conditionaing systems will also be upgraded.

Because of the age of the building, several of the basic support systems need to be replaced to bring the property up to current fire and safety standards, said Presiding Bishop Robert D. Hales. Several alternative uses for the building were considered, but in order to preseve the site for future undetermined needs, it was dicided to renovate the structure and maintain its current use, Bishop Hales said

The six-story bilding, which was designed in 1929 and complesed in 1931, will close its doors on Oct. 31 and remain closed for an estimated 18 to 24 months. The opening of the new, remodeled hotel is slated for summer of 1990.

The renovation plans were unveiled by Bishop Hales at a Sept. 22 press conference.