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Jesus drew from early writings

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"The greatest instructional session recorded in history took place while the resurrected Jesus taught His disciples in the Americas," wrote Kent P. Jackson in Studies in Scripture: Vol. 8 - Alma 30 to Moroni.

"The Lord God Almighty - who had revealed covenants, laws, and ordinances to His children since the beginning - stood among mortals who had purified themselves and had been found worthy to be in His presence. . . ."It is instructive in this context to observe how Jesus taught His disciples. In His sermons He drew freely from the words he had inspired His earlier messengers to write, much more so than He had done in His mortal ministry in Palastine as far as we can etll from the New Testament. he frequently cited passages from the Hebrew scriptures and gave divine commentary to them. He also quoted entire chapters." (Compare 3 Ne. 22 with Isa. 54; 3 Ne. 24-45 with Mal. 3-4.)

Jackson further wrote: "As the word of god revealed to prophets is precious, it is important that it be recorded properly, along with the fulfillment of things that God makes known. Jesus, noting the absence of some important information in the Nephite record, commanded that it be included. (3 Ne. 23:6-13.)

"The savior taught from the scriptures, setting the example for all gospel teachers to follow. As Mormon reported, 'he expounded all the scriptures in one.' (3 Ne. 23:14; see also 24:1; 26:1-2.)

"To expound all the scriptures in one' perhaps means to bring all the revealed word of God to one focal point, laying stress on that toward which all scripture points - thhe mission of Jesus Christ. having done this, Jesus commanded His disciples that they teach to others what He had taught them, thus building a chain of pure doctrinal understanding that would continue into subsequent generations."