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Need never greater for dedicated young women

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"Young women, you are needed. Never before in the history of the Church has there been such a need for young women who are willing to sacrifice popularity if necessary, suffer loneliness if reuqired, even be rejected if needed, to defend the gospel of Jesus Christ.

"When you keep the commandments and follow the Savior's example, it is like holding up a light. Your good example helps others to find their way in a darkening world. it takes courage to do what you know to be right even when it is hard, very hard. But you will never lose your courage unless you choose to do so."We live in one of the most critical periods of all time. The powers of evil are fighting against truth and righteousness, and the battle is reaching a climax. Someday the war between good and evil will be won - a permanent victory for good. but right now each of you can fight for the right on your own battlefield by making right choices about what you will do and what you won't do as you learn to listen to the promptings of the Spirit. Once you amke your decision to do waht is right, you don't have to fight the battle with every temptation that presents itself each day. You simply take a stand and say to yourself, 'I will do this; I wont do that.' And Satan will have to turn elsewhere to find his followers. . . .

"In Christ's parable of the 10 virgins, each young woman had a lamp to carry. Today we too carry lamps. The light within is the Light of Christ. the Young Women logo in the form of a torch symbolizes this light. A torch will light the way for you and for others to follow, but only if it is filled with oil I would like to tell you of three sure ways in which you can get the oil and add to it every day.

"Second . . . become familiar with a few favorite scriptures and then gradually add new ones as you study the scriptures each day. We need young women who use and read the scriptures like letters from home to know what our Father in Heaven wants them to do and not do while they are away. By studying the scriptures, we learn why there must be good and evil, why we must be tried and teste. . . .

"Third . . . keep the commandments of God. As you look forward to one day going to the temple and receiving the endowment - a gift of knowledge and blessings to you from your Heavenly Father - you will have a firmness and steadfastness in resisting temptations.

"I know (You) are preparing and planning to one day walk through the doors of the temple, the house of the Lord. . . . Don't let anything or anyone get in your way or distract you from that goal, even for a minute. . . . Remember always that the further you are from the negative influences of the world, the closer you are to your heavenly home."