"Moonlighting" star Bruce Willis, stumping for Democratic presidential candidate Michael Dukakis this weekend, worked movie theater lines to urge voter registration and delivered a pep talk to Dukakis campaign volunteers.

Earlier Sunday, more than a dozen celebrities, including Morgan Fairchild, Justine Bateman, Jimmy Smits and Rob Lowe, attended rallies in Stockton, San Francisco and Oakland as part of a three-day, 10-city West Coast tour to get out the vote.The "Star Spangled Caravan," sponsored by the Democratic Party, hopes to encourage 100,000 voters to register in Washington, Oregon and California, where polls show Vice President George Bush and Dukakis in a neck-and-neck race for 64 electoral votes, nearly 25 percent of the nation's total.

Willis joined state Controller Gray Davis in taking stints behind a voter registration table set up outside the Mann Bruin Theatre in Westwood Sunday night, and he later gave a pep talk to several hundred Democratic volunteers who had spent the day signing up new voters in the popular restaurant and theater district.

In California the deadline to register for the Nov. 8 election is Tuesday and Oregon citizens have until Oct. 18. Saturday was the last day to register in Washington.

"We're here to let people know that it's still OK to vote and you can change things," Willis said Saturday at the start of the caravan, touted as the largest celebrity political effort in the 1988 campaign.

Lowe, who starred in the movies "About Last Night" and "St. Elmo's Fire," said about 50 celebrities participating at various stops at parks and college campuses during the three-day tour would try to persuade audiences that Democratic candidates are stronger on such issues as education and the environment.

Earlier Sunday the caravan, which is traveling by bus and plane, appeared before about 500 people at the Stockton Civic Center and hundreds of party faithful gathered at fog-shrouded rallies at Democratic headquarters in San Francisco and Oakland.

Also participating in the tour are actors LeVar Burton, Michael Gross, Elizabeth Perkins, Robert Downey Jr., Lloyd Bridges and Cher. Saturday, the group spoke to crowds at the University of Washington in Seattle, a Portland, Ore., park and downtown Sacramento.

Remaining stops slated for the tour Monday are Long Beach, San Diego and East Los Angeles.