To the editor:

I would like to correct an error in an article printed in the Sept. 7 issue of the Deseret News, titled "S.L. pickets protest Greyhound policies toward disabled."In her article, reporter Jan Thompson said, "Greyhound operates Helping Hands, a program that provides a free ticket for disabled people who are unable to travel by themselves."

This, in fact, is false. A person with a disability must purchase a ticket like anyone else. What I think the reporter meant to say was that Greyhound will provide a ticket for someone who is traveling as an attendant to the person in a wheelchair.

This is hardly a "free ticket." The attendant is providing a service and in fact paying their way with their labor.

The folks with disabilities in the United States, as well as Utah, are not finished with Greyhound, Utah Transit Authority, or anyone else who discriminates against people with disabilities. All we want is the same transportation, housing, and life that anyone else has.

Mark L. Smith

Salt Lake City