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The wife of Atlanta Falcons defensive back David Croudip said her husband took a mixture of cocaine and another unspecified drug hours before he collapsed and died of an apparent narcotics overdose.

Dr. Joseph Burton, the medical examiner for the five-county region surrounding Atlanta, said preliminary tests indicate the 29-year-old National Football League veteran ingested more than a gram of cocaine."We still need more lab reports to be definite, but early tests do include cocaine and probably some other drug," Burton said Monday. "But it appears he may have ingested more than a gram of cocaine."

Burton said a gram of cocaine could provide "20 to 50 lines," and if taken in a short period of time, "that much cocaine, especially if it were of high quality, could cause an overdose."

Burton said Croudip's wife, Holly, told the emergency crew that rushed to their apartment that the five-year NFL veteran had taken a mixture of cocaine and another drug, known as a "cocaine cocktail," after returning from Sunday's game, which the Falcons lost 33-0 to the Los Angeles Rams, Burton said.

Falcons spokesman Charley Taylor said Croudip's wife called for an ambulance at 2 a.m. Monday after her husband collapsed and he was rushed to Joan Glancy Hospital in suburban Duluth, where he died at 3:31 a.m.