When people visit Provo, city officials want to make sure they know where they are - not because visitors could get lost but because Provo has an image officials want to maintain.

That image should be conveyed with a consistent, identifiable, simple, professional and to-the-point logo for the city, according to Gary Golightly, Provo City economic development director."The logo makes Provo's image noticeable day-to-day," he said. "It is the best way for the public to be impressed with the community. Therein lies the reason for a logo."

Golightly recommended last week that the City Council consent to using a bold-letter "Provo" printed on a slant in black with a rainbow-colored line beneath the name as the official logo.

The economic development office has been using the logo to promote East Bay and Provo for several years with "The Right Move" printed underneath the city name.

Golightly suggested that the new logo replace the "P" painted on city vehicles and the antiquated logo showing Provo as an industry city with a steel mill in the background.

"In-house we have adopted the logo and it has evolved into something real positive," he said. "We have invested a lot of money and time in exposing it. I suggest we adopt it as a new way to identify the city."

Linda Walton, president of the Walton Group Advertisers, researched the logo idea for the city and recommended that Provo continue with the logo, which was designed by Stephen Hales two years ago.

Mayor Joe Jenkins said, "It portrays a professional image. It's very plain, but very professional."