The way Darrell Griffith is looking and Bart Kofoed is recovering, a rookie shooting guard will have trouble making the Jazz roster.

Second-round draft choice Jeff Moe's chances looked good during the summer when Griffith was recovering from knee surgery and Kofoed broke his foot, and the Jazz also brought guards Marty Simmons and Ron Rowan to camp. But the veterans are coming back strong. How's Griff? "Better than I thought," said Jazz trainer Don Sparks. "I haven't seen any sign of him limping, and the knee's not swelling. I'm pleased with the way he looks."Kofoed, expected to miss all of training camp after suffering a stress fracture Aug. 16, was given the go-ahead to start running and shooting following X-rays Monday. The next X-rays are scheduled for Oct. 20, and Kofoed figures he'll be ready for full-scale practice then - about two weeks before the regular-season opener.

"To know I'm only one or two weeks away is definitely a good report," said Kofoed.

Rookie center Eric Leckner, meanwhile, sustained a deep bruise when kicked in the calf Monday. "Sometimes, these things take several days," noted Sparks, who says Leckner may be ready for Thursday night's exhibition game with Indiana in the Dixie Center.

- Kurt Kragthorpe