Classrooms, libraries and laboratories at the nation's colleges and universities are deteriorating and it could take $70 billion to shape up America's campuses, a report says.

Schools are facing repairs not just to older buildings, but also to newer buildings that were not as well constructed, said consultant Sean Rush, who worked on the survey released Thursday by two associations of school officials."We know now that the cost of modernizing and maintaining higher education facilities is grossly misunderstood, underestimated and underfunded," said Walter A. Schaw, executive vice president of the Association of Physical Plant Administrators.

Schaw said in an interview that ordinary repairs in masonry, electrical systems, plumbing, roofing and other parts of buildings urgently need attention on most campuses, while some schools have outdated classrooms and laboratories that need to be replaced. Others have buildings with serious hidden problems such as termites, he said.