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Emperor Hirohito carried his fight against suspected abdominal cancer into the 26th day Friday in serious but stable condition, prompting officials to resume travel plans that were suspended by his illness.

Palace spokesman Kenji Maeda said the 87-year-old monarch was in good spirits and his vital signs remained almost unchanged though his temperature was slightly higher than normal."His vital signs remained within a normal range, and generally speaking, his condition is stable and unchanged," Maeda told a 9 a.m. news conference.

"His majesty had a good sleep and had his beard shaven this morning," Maeda said. "There was no internal bleeding overnight."

News reports, however, said Hirohito appeared to have weakened as his liver and kidney functions deteriorated.

Crown Prince Akihito, heir to the 2,600-year-old Chrysanthemum Throne, and his wife, Crown Princess Michiko, paid a regular visit to Hirohito's bedside early Friday.

Hirohito discharged blood Thursday and received a transfusion of about a half pint. Maeda said there was no immediate plan for another blood transfusion today.

Hirohito, who fell ill Sept. 19, has been given blood almost daily to fight his anemia caused by blood loss. He now has received a total of more than 14 pints of blood, exceeding his normal blood supply.

Maeda declined comment on Hirohito's jaundice, a sign of liver trouble.

Hirohito sometimes looks tired but is in good spirits generally, he said.