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Friends and relatives of Atlanta Falcons cornerback David Croudip are questioning the circumstances of his death, which authorities say came from an apparent cocaine overdose.

Gwinnett County Coroner Randy Simpson said he may convene an inquest into Croudip's death a week ago."This would be the type of death that would have the suspicions and mystery surrounding it that would not only warrant it, but justify it," Simpson said.

Authorities have said Croudip, 29, died last Monday after consuming a drink laced with cocaine. The investigation is continuing, but Robert Tressell, a medical examiner's investigator, said last week it was unlikely Croudip could have consumed the drink without knowing it contained cocaine.

Holly Croudip declined requests for interviews this weekend. Last week, she said the couple had separated for all of the 1987 football season but had reconciled.

But another sister of Croudip, Maria, said Croudip had decided to file for divorce from his wife after this season. She said Croudip was devastated when he learned he was not the father of 3-year-old Amy, who was born eight months before the couple married in December 1985.

The newspaper quoted an Atlanta stockbroker, Paula Werner, as saying she and Croudip had discussed marrying after his divorce from Holly. Werner, who attended Croudip's funeral in San Diego Saturday, said she met Croudip before he married and continued to spend time with him during his long separations from his wife, who remained in San Diego during most of the football season.

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