Dr. Larzette Hale, head of the School of Accountancy at Utah State University, has been honored by her alma mater with an endowed chair in her name.

Langston University in Langston, Okla., has named an endowed chair in accounting for Hale, a graduate of the school, and for Professor Mizura C. Allen, a retired accounting teacher who was Hale's undergraduate adviser.Another chair was named in business administration.

"The leadership of Dr. Hale, Mrs. Allen and Almeda Parker, for whom the business administration chair was named, have shaped the philosophy and products of the Division of Business for years," said Calvin Hall, director of the Division of Business at Langston.

Hall said half of the targeted amount of the $500,000 endowment for each chair will come from alumni contributions. The earnings from the endowment will go to a professor for salary support, travel, research and support.

Hale has been at USU since 1972, serving as head of the School of Accountancy since 1977. Her husband, the late Dr. William Hale, was president of Langston University from 1960 to 1969 and was a professor of sociology at USU at the time of his death in 1974.