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Cynthia Lennon joins the throng denouncing the new, unauthorized biography of her late former husband, John Lennon, as written by a money-hungry author capitalizing on untruths. "People who write books like this, it is for greed, and as far as I'm concerned, they're gravediggers, no more, no less," Mrs. Lennon says on the CBS show "60 Minutes" scheduled for broadcast Sunday evening. "Grave robbers, body snatchers, you name it, they are it." The biography by Albert Goldman, "The Lives of John Lennon," depicts the former Beatle as an anorexic bisexual addled by drugs who raged his way from Liverpool to New York. It was released Sept. 14. Goldman, who defends his Lennon book and said it is based on 1,200 interviews, also has written controversial biographies of comedian Lenny Bruce and Elvis Presley. Lennon was murdered outside his Upper West Side home on Dec. 8, 1980, by Mark David Chapman. "All I know and all the people that love John know that we had our years (and) that nobody, no film, no book will ever complete what went on in our lives. That's our part of our hearts that has to stay with us, must not be public," Mrs. Lennon said. "I love John. I've always loved John because he was my first love. But, I mean, I've loved him in different ways. I love his memory. I loved what he did. I understood his madness, his phases. I just feel that I understood." The couple divorced a few months before Lennon married Yoko Ono in 1969. Ms. Ono already has trashed the book, calling it "totally fiction" in a nationwide broadcast that coincided with the release of the book.