He may be struggling for his political life, fending off attacks from sharpshooting Democrats with only two weeks left in the campaign, but Gov. Norm Bangerter is the only candidate who isn't about to miss the deer hunt.

Bangerter, a Republican, acknowledged he is taking Friday afternoon and much of Saturday off from his busy campaign schedule to join thousands of other Utahns in the mountains."Yes, I'm going hunting," he said. "I'll shoot at them, but I probably won't hit anything."

Dave Buhler, Bangerter's campaign manager, said he isn't worried about missing valuable campaign time, even though the governor trails Democrat Ted Wilson in recent polls.

"He (Bangerter) may see more voters up there than in town that weekend," Buhler said. "Even candidates deserve some time off."

Wilson, however, believes the campaign is more important than the hunt despite his lead in the polls, according to campaign manager Rob Jolley.

Jolley said Wilson already satisfied his hunting urges by stalking deer with a bow and arrow several weeks ago.

"He had a deer 30 feet away, but by the time he shot at it, it had run off." As for independent candidate Merrill Cook, he had planned a busy campaign schedule this weekend but may find few people around tolisten.

"I was going to go to Panguitch to campaign, but they said everyone will be up in the mountains hunting," he said.