Collections by the Utah Child Support Enforcement Program during the past nine months were up 14.5 percent over the same period last year.

According to the Family Support Administration, the Utah program collected $24.6 million during the nine-month period."The Utah program during the last three quarters has continued its long-standing record of high performance," said Guadalupe Salinas, regional administrator of the FSA. "For instance, IRS tax refund offsets are up 9.2 percent, wage withholding is up 41.8 percent, absent parents located up 51.6 percent, and paternity establishments are up 15.8 percent.

"In addition," he said, "during this period the welfare costs were reduced by 18.2 percent and the unit cost of collecting support dropped substantially. The state is doing a great job on behalf of kids owed child support."

In Utah, the program is run by the state's Office of Recovery Services, under the direction of John Abbott.