If Utah employers hadn't discriminated against their employees in the 12 months before Aug. 11 they could have saved $336,305 awarded to the workers.

And this figure doesn't include the time and expense an employer faces when an employee files a discrimination complaint and the case goes before the State Industrial Commission's Anti-Discrimination Division, according to John A. Medina, director.Medina said the $336,305 awarded to the complainants in benefits averages $3,118 per case closed through settlement, withdrawal and successful conciliations between the state agency and the employer.

Along with the processing of employment discrimination complaints, Medina said his workers provided 80 hours of training in all areas of discrimination law, rules, regulations and applicable statutes.

He said his people are willing to talk to employers and employee groups on ways to prevent discrimination and awarding of the benefits.

Medina said he received 410 complaints during the year with sex discrimination complaints leading at 123. That was followed by age at 113; national origin, 47; handicap, 36; sexual harassment, 35; race/color, 29; retaliation, 12; religion, 9; and equal pay, 6 (figures through Aug. 11).

Medina said his division completed 225 employment discrimination cases during the year with 53 closed by administrative means. Of the 225 closures, Medina said 86 resulted in a "no cause" finding and 72 were the result of settlements.

Regarding complaints filed under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the division closed 57 cases of which 17 were administrative closures, 22 were the result of no cause findings and 15 came from settlements.

The division closed 24 cases involving discrimination against the handicapped. Seven were closed administratively, seven were closed after a no cause finding and six were closed after settlements.

The division closed a total of 306 cases with 77 coming from administrative closure and 115 after divisions investigators found no cause of action.

Medina's report said it takes an average of 196 days to process a complaint.