A Weber School District bus driver who drove her bus filled with special-education children around a lowered railroad crossing barrier has been suspended.

Jerry Peterson, director of Support Services, said Clythella Trujillo, a seven-year veteran district driver with a perfect record, was suspended pending further review.The district is contemplating whether the driver will be fired, suspended further or reinstated, Peterson said.

The incident was revealed in a recent letter to a local newspaper. John Kokal wrote that he had observed the incident at a Harrisville Road railroad crossing.

Kokal said the crossing barrier was down and the signal lights were flashing. Cars on both sides had stopped, but after a few minutes, three westbound cars drove through the crossing and were followed by school bus 861, he said.

The train was approximately 50 yards down the track at the time, Kokal said.

"We met with the driver," Peterson said. "And it was one of those things where she simply didn't use good judgment. She didn't deny it.

"She's an excellent driver. She's never made a mistake before. She's one of those people you can count on to do an excellent job. This was a lapse of judgment," Peterson added.