The United States has proposed to the Soviet Union that it accept decisions of the World Court in interpretations of a host of international treaties, a U.S. official said Friday.

Some of the decisions deal with such technical subjects as patents and others with diplomatic privileges. The United States is a party to most of the treaties but the Soviets over the years have registered "reservations" that exempt them from the effects of many of the treaties, said the official who spoke on condition of anonymity.The U.S. proposals, which also involve greater use of the court, were conveyed to Moscow during the summer in response to hints from Soviet leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev and other Soviet officials in United Nations speeches that they were prepared to consider changes.

The United States is coordinating its approach with a number of Western allies, the official said. He declined to provide further details.

But the official said "a host of multilateral treaties" were involved.

State Department spokeswoman Phyllis Oakley stressed Thursday that "it's our view that issues involving the use of force and national security do not belong in the International Court of Justice."