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Christ’s questions need answering

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Elder Neal A. Maxwell asked several questions in his Saturday afternoon address, as he spoke of "the trek of treks" - that of striving to follow Jesus.

"As we all know, the restored gospel of Jesus Christ gives us abundant answers," said Elder Maxwell of the Council of the Twelve. "But Jesus also asked some searching questions which tell us even more about the stretching journey of discipleship. To all His applicable questions, the invitation, 'Answer Me,' stands to this day."

"Where are the nine?" was the first question Elder Maxwell posed, concerning the healed lepers who did not return with thanksgiving. "We offend God not only by our ingratitude," he said, "but also by not confessing His competent hand in bringing to pass His transcending purposes on the earth.

"Is it lawful to do good on the Sabbath?" asked Elder Maxwell next, pointing out that a proper spiritual balance is necessary.

"Whose image and superscription is on it?" followed next. A principle of the gospel is obedience to gevernmental laws and regulations, but, "To God, in whose image we are minted, we owe ourselves!"

Elder Maxwell then reminded Church members of all their Father has given them by asking "If ye know how to give . . . how much more shall your Father . . . give?"

"Why does this generation seek a sign?" was the next question asked. "The more wicked and adulterous the people of a particular period, the more demands for a sign as a condition of belief."

The apostle then quoted Jesus by asking, "What desirest thou of me?" the question Christ asked His nephite desciples. Elder Maxwell advised members to not compare what they have with what others seem to have.

"As for what God gives differentially to others, we need not be concerned," he counseled. "Sometimes, we do too much comparing and too little following."

"What think ye of Christ?" was the next query. "However the world ignores it or responds to it, this is the reverberation and the great question!" Elder Maxwell said. "Can we answer with both our ives and our tongues - 'Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God?'"

"Will ye also go away?" was the last of the Savior's questions posed by Elder Maxwell. The daily process of living makes and breaks followers, he said. Elder Maxwell then followd Christ's queries with several of his own, asking why members' lifestyles are sometiems blurred when they have been told clearly what menner of men and women they ought to be, why a few members are so eager to hear "some new" doubt or criticism and why members resist and resent life's developmental and obedience tests.

Elder Maxwell urged members to follow Christ, who was weary, but never bored, often misunderstood and rejected, and whose atonement affected every age, every dispensation and every person.