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Book of mromon challenge is given to members

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President Ezra Taft Benson, in his opening address at getheral conference, issued to Church members seven challenges "to flood the earth with the Book of Mormon":

*I challenge the members of the Church to participate in the family-to-family Book of Mormon program - to send copies of the Book of Mormon on a mission for you. sister Benson and I have been doing this for some time, and we intend to do more. We should be sending out millions of copies of the Book of Mormon to the missionaries every month.*I challenge our mission leaders to show their missinoaries how to challenge their contacts to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. Missionaries need to know how to use the Book of Mormon to arouse mankind's interest in studying it.

*I challenge our Chruch writers, teachers, and leaders to tell us more Book of Mormon conversion stories that will strengthen our faith and prepare great missionaries.

*I challenge those who are in business and other professions to see that there are copies of the book of Mormon in their reception rooms.

*I challenge owners of cassette players to play Book of Mormon cassettes from time to time and to listen to them at home and while walking, jogging, or driving.

*I challenge the homes of Israel to display on their walls great quotations and scenes from the Book of Mormon.

*I challenge all of us to prayerfully consider steps that we can personally take to bring this new witness for Christ more fully into our own lives and into a world that so desperately needs it.