While Utah Jazz guard Bobby Hansen is the current NBA All-Time Career Playoffthree-point shooting percentage leader, and guard Darrell Griffith has twice setNBA single-records for three-pointers made, a three-point Jazz certificate with Continental Bank offers Jazz fans a chance to score where it really counts _ in the pocketbook.

Here's a chance to make a safe investment and watch your money grow as the Utah Jazz win games. That's the idea of an investment offering by Continental Bank.The idea is to buy a 12-month investment Jazz 3-Point Certificate of Deposit.The rate of interest will be the published rate on the day of purchase. However,after the Jazz win 10 games the rate jumps 1/8 percent and continues to increase1/8 percent at 20, 30, and 40, for a total 1/2 percent. If they win 48 games, itjumps another 1/2 percent.

Playoff games count, too. If the Jazz get to the second round another 1/2 percent is added. This adds up to a total bonus of 11/2 percent. There's no risk to the buyer since the interest rate is never lower than the initial rate at the time of purchase.