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Considered the savior of pro basketball in Utah, Larry Miller enters his third season as the Jazz's full owner.

He became a partner to former owner Sam Battistone in April 1985, just before the end of the regular season. After one full season as a half-owner, Miller took over the franchise in June 1986 in a dramatic move that prevented the sale of the team and move to Minneapolis.A Salt Lake City native, Miller has built an impressive record of sales and customer service as a self-made businessman. His energetic management style shows up in his active involvement from the ground up in each of his businesses - whether that means working on the showroom floor or attending Jazz practice sessions, showing his support and trying to learn his businesses and the needs of his employees from all perspectives.

Miller has shown his commitment to keeping Salt Lake City a major league city, having observed at the time of his taking over ownership that pro basketball would likely not have returned to the area in his lifetime if the team were allowed to move. He's progressively moved to solidify the basketball team and the franchise since then, signing players to long-term contracts and hiring a talented front office staff.

Miller's real sports love is fastpitch softball. A former world-class pitcher himself, he still sponsors the Miller Toyota team that annual contends for the national championship and competes with the best teams in the world.