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Utah Jazz game-night promotions for the 1988-89 season are a blend of the familiar favorites of recent seasons and some new wrinkles rounded up by the Jazz promotions department.

Such on-going favorite promotions as:- Hardees' "Hold The Opponent Under 100 Points," that is if the Jazz win the game and in doing so hold the opponent to 99 points or less, then ticket holder can turn in their stubs for a free fries from Hardees.

- Morris Travel's "Guess the Halftime Score Contest," where fans can win trips to the West Coast.

- Coca-Cola's "Mini-Ball Throw," where miniature basketballs are thrown into the audience.

- 49th Street Galleria's "Honorary Ballperson" program returns where two young persons are selected from each game to be honorary ballpersons for that game.

- And, nightly program sticker promotions with Dan's Foods, Heritage Honda and Little Caesars.

Every Wednesday night game this season will be a Poster Night with fans receiving four-color, 22- by 28-inch posters of Jazz players, thanks to a variety of Jazz sponsors again this season.

Every Monday night game is again Family Night with Luvs again providing child's bibs free to those at the game.

Such familiar premium gift nights as megaphone, rear window diamond, mini basketball, pom pons, bumper stickers, knit caps, wristbands, basketball, toothbrush, ladies night, juice pitcher, mug and Schick travel bags return to this season's games.

New on the agenda for 1988-89 are such gift items as cups, flash cards, rally rags, socks, stickers, pennants, autograph day, can coolers, beach balls and squeeze bottles.

Following is a list of the games and the promotions fans will find at the game:

Oct. 13, Jazz versus Indiana, Whole Sun will present posters to fans.

Oct. 21, Jazz versus Philadelphia, Coors will present poster calendars.

Oct. 22, Jazz versus Golden State; Whole Sun/Word Perfect will present Poster Night.

Oct. 27, Jazz versus L.A. Lakers; Whole Sun will present Poster Night.

During the regular season, the Jazz will recognize fans during these special nights.

Nov. 4, Jazz versus Seattle, Continental Bank will present magnetic calendars.

Nov. 9, Jazz versus Sacramento, KSTU will present Poster Night.

Nov. 15, Jazz versus Indiana, FHP will give away megaphones.

Nov. 17, Jazz versus Portland, Colgate will feature Rear Window Diamond. It will also be Celebrity Hot Shot Night.

Nov. 19, Jazz versus Phoenix, will be Photo Night.

Nov. 21, Jazz versus L.A. Clippers, Luvs will present Family Night Bibs.

Nov. 23, Jazz versus Houston, will be Poster Night.

Nov. 25, Jazz versus San Antonio, Whole Sun will feature Mini Ball Night.

Nov. 30, Jazz versus Chicago, KSTU/Cellular One will feature Poster Night.

Dec. 7, Jazz versus Washington, will be Poster Night.

Dec. 9, Jazz versus Dallas, Miller/Campbell will present Cup Night.

Dec. 12, Jazz versus Miami, Luvs will present Family Night Bibs.

Dec. 25, Jazz versus L.A. Lakers, Dans features Pom Pons/Flash Cards Night.

Dec. 28, Jazz versus Sacramento, will be Poster Night.

Dec. 30, Jazz versus Philadelphia, Deseret Federal presents Bumper Sticker Night.

Jan. 12, Jazz versus San Antonio, Midas present Rally Rags Night.

Jan. 20, Jazz versus Milwaukee, TCI presents Cap Night.

Jan. 26, Jazz versus Charlotte, will be Wristband Night.

Jan. 28, Jazz versus New York, Michelin will present Socks Night.

Feb. 1, Jazz versus Atlanta, KSTU/American First will hold Poster Night. Halftime will feature Utahns Against Hunger.

Feb. 3, Jazz versus New Jersey, FabOne/Doritos will hold Ball Night, with the Hot Shot and Utahns Against Hunger at halftime.

Feb. 7, Jazz versus Miami, Schick will have Schick Bags, with the Hot Shot at halftime.

Feb. 9, Jazz versus Dallas, Colgate will have Toothbrush-Stickers Night, with the Hot Shot at halftime.

Feb. 14, Jazz versus Denver, Little Ceasars will sponsor Ladies Night.

Feb. 16, Jazz versus Boston, Meadow Gold will sponsor Pennant Night, with Paper Airplane contest at halftime.

Feb. 18, Jazz versus San Antonio, Fred Meyer, will have Autograph Day.

Feb. 20, Jazz versus Phoenix, Luvs will feature Family Night Bibs.

Feb. 22, Jazz versus L.A. Lakers, U.S. Postal Service presents Poster Night, with Kareem retirement special at halftime.

March 8, Jazz versus Houston, KSTU will feature Poster Night.

March 10, Jazz versus Golden State, will be Can Cooler Night.

March 13, Jazz versus Cleveland, Luvs will hold Family Night Bibs.

March 15, Jazz versus Portland, will be Poster Night.

March 17, Jazz versus Miami, Whole Sun will hold Juice Pitcher Night.

March 25, Jazz versus Denver, Maverik will sponsor Mug Night.

March 27, Jazz versus Seattle, Luvs will sponsor Family Night Bibs.

March 29, Jazz versus Detroit, Ernst will hold Poster Night.

April 4, Jazz versus Dallas, Heritage Honda will hold Beach Ball Night.

April 12, Jazz versus Denver, KSTU will sponsor Poster Night.

April 14, Jazz versus Houston, Gatorade will present Squeeze Bottle Night.

April 18, Jazz versus L.A. Clippers, Colgate will have Fanatic Fan Night.

April 22, Jazz versus Golden State, First Security will have Team Poster Night.