Rick Tocchet of the Philadelphia Flyers and Dave Manson of the Chicago Blackhawks each received a 10-game suspension and Mark Messier of the Edmonton Oilers a six-day suspension from the NHL Monday for their involvement in separate incidents.

Tuesday, the league will review a Sunday night stick-swinging incident in which David Shaw of the New York Rangers chopped Mario Lemieux of the Pittsburgh Penguins, the NHL's leading scorer, just below the throat. Also, the Flyers have filed a protest with the league over Saturday night's incident in which James Patrick of the Rangers used his stick to break Ron Sutter's jaw.Last Thursday, Tocchet incurred a match penalty for a fight in which Dean Chynoweth of the New York Islanders suffered an eye injury. Tocchet was penalized for an attempt to injure by gouging Chynoweth's eye.

Messier hit Rich Sutter of the Vancouver Canucks with his stick Oct. 23, knocking loose several of Sutter's teeth.

Manson was suspended because he instigated a fight at the conclusion of a game against the Vancouver Canucks last Friday night. He fought with Canucks forward Dave Bruce.

All suspensions take effect seven days from the date of the ruling unless the team waives the period for appeal.