Karl Malone's contract history with the Utah Jazz: August 1985 _ Just in time for rookie camp, Malone signs a four-year, $1.05 million contract negotiated by agent Bill Blakeley.September 1986 _ He leaves two different agents and affiliates with another, Sherwood Blount, who advises him to hold out for a new contract. Jazz officials convince Malone to wait until at least the middle of the season for a new deal, and Malone fires Blount _ who later surfaces as the key figure in the SMU football scandal.

October 1987 _ After returning to Blakeley, Malone signs a six-year, $6 million contract. By early December, he says he's already having "second thoughts" about the deal.

November 1988 _ Malone signs a 10-year, $18 million contract after asking to disregard an informal agreement he'd made with owner Larry Miller in June for a five-year extension, effective when the current deal ended.