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To the editor:

The Oct. 27 issue of the Deseret News carried a letter to the editor that was unfairly critical of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare.The letter was an obvious attempt to discredit our endorsement of congressional hopeful Gunn McKay by discrediting us. However, I would not want the readers of the Deseret News to accept as fact any of the allegations contained in the letter.

The CBS News' "60 Minutes" television show has never done a segment on the National Committee, so your readers can put no faith in the accusations which the letter writer said came out on that show.

Her contention that the National Committee appeared before Congress and refused to answer questions is equally false. National Committee staffers - including Chairman James Roosevelt - have appeared before any number of congressional committees to testify on any number of subjects and never has anyone refused to answer questions about our operations.

If the National Committee were anything resembling the organization depicted, you can be sure we would be roundly condemned by senior America's greatest congressional champion, Rep. Claude Pepper, D-Fla. Yet, Congressman Pepper has lauded the National Committee, calling it "very effective in mobilizing seniors to stand together to protect the integrity of the Social Security system."

Jack McDavitt

National Committee to Preserve

Social Security and Medicare