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Children from the Utah School for the Deaf "sing" Christmas carols poignantly but silently Tuesday at the Cottonwood Mall. Ben Edwards, above left, J.R. Goth, Melinda Bunker, Jennifer Hughes, Michelle Jensen, Matt Willahan and Daniel Edwards use the universal gesture to portray the infant Jesus asleep in the manger. Right, Nick Stark, foreground, and Jennifer Hughes and Michelle Jensen sign the words to another carol. The youngsters have spent the season working hard on a program of carols to present to the mall's bustling Christmas shoppers. For the most part, the children's voices were not heard in songs performed during the 20-minute program - instead, expressive hands made the music. Some of the children attempted to sound the words, however, as their hands gestured to some of the most-loved carols. "Away in the manger, no crib for his bed . . . ," the children signed as a teacher sang for listening shoppers and another teacher accompanied her on the piano. Eleven hearing-impaired youngsters in the fourth, fifth and sixth grades performed, led in their silent carols by teacher Wendy Rosen and accompanied on the piano by teacher Denise Wilson. In a season full of music and noise, silent carols were a rare treat for people making frantic efforts to prepare for the perfect holiday - and get everything done by Dec. 25.