A student with a 9mm pistol opened fire in a Christian school Friday, killing one teacher and wounding another before his gun jammed as he tried to shoot into a classroom full of children.

The youth, who attended classes at the Atlantic Shores Christian School earlier in the day, was tackled and disarmed."If his gun hadn't jammed we would have had an even worse fiasco," said Virginia Beach police spokesman Lewis Thurston.

No students were injured in the incident, police said.

The youth was charged with several crimes, including first-degree murder. He was held in the Tidewater Detention Hall in Chesapeake.

Police said teacher Karen Farley, of Virginia Beach, died of multiple gunshot wounds.

The other teacher, indentified as Sam Marino, 37, underwent surgery for a chest wound.

The youth shot randomly, roaming among the classrooms housed in four portable buildings. Farley and Marino were alone in separate classrooms when shot, police said.

The youth then walked into a third classroom filled with students and began to shoot.