No additional airlines are in violation of a state Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission requirement that they have a special permit to serve drinks in the air or on the ground in Utah.

That was the result of an audit ordered last week after Commission Chairman J. Bonner Ritchie noticed Trans World Airlines was not on a routine list of annual renewals for the public service permits.Because Ritchie had been aboard a TWA flight where alcoholic beverages were served, he and other commissioners questioned whether other airlines also were not in compliance.

But the audit done this week by the state Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control turned up no other violators, according to Operations Manager Dennis Kellen.

Kellen said TWA has since applied for the permit and has been given permission to continue to serve drinks while awaiting its approval. The matter will likely be dealt with at next month's commission meeting.

The permit is required for every regularly scheduled flight that takes off from or lands in Utah airports. The cost of the permit is $15 annually for each flight. TWA, with six flights routing through Salt Lake City, owed $90.