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Government prosecutors began questioning a woman Friday who said she blew up a South Korean jetliner with 115 people on board while working as a North Korean agent.

After several interrogations, the prosecuton will decide whether to file charges against Kim Hyon-hui, 26.Government sources said Friday's questioning went on for several hours. Details of the questioning were not released.

Kim has said she was a North Korean agent and planted a bomb on a Korean Air Boeing 707 that disappeared near Burma on Nov. 29, 1987. All on board died.

North Korea denied involvement, but Kim told South Korean investigators she had an order from northern leaders to bomb the plane to disrupt the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul.

North Korea and South Korea have been bitter rivals since their land was divided in 1945. The North wanted to be a co-host of the Olympics.

Kim has been in custody of the Agency for National Security Planning, the main South Korean intelligence organization, since she was extradited from Bahrain to Seoul last year.

Tight security was in force hours before she arrived at the Seoul District Prosecutor's office. Hundreds of plainclothes police were posted on the streets and atop nearby buildings.

Kim, if found guilty, could be sentenced to death under South Korea's Criminal Code and national security and aviation laws.