Three neighbors have teamed up on their Christmas lighting this season and have spread a 100-foot string of colored lights across the front of all three of their homes.

The uninterrupted chain of lights is a novel innovation that has caused a host of heads to turn as people drive by the three homes at night.Kirk and Sandy Smith, 419 W. 2350 South, said they had never had Christmas lighting on the outside of their home since they moved in five years ago from a condominium in Centerville.

"When we decided to buy a string of outdoor lights we thought we'd go all the way and buy a 100-foot-long string," Kirk Smith said. "I went to my next door neighbors on both sides and they agreed to let me put my string onto their homes.

"I strung a wire across from my home to theirs, attached the string of lights to it and turned them on. It really looked nice - and different," he said, smiling.