Cache and Box Elder counties have signed a weather modification contract with the Utah Water Resources Development Corp. that Cache Executive Bruce King says could bring an increase in the region's precipitation of 10 percent or more.

King said Wednesday that the two counties will each pay half of the $51,000 contract with the company, which will subcontract with North American Weather Consultants over a four-month period.Cache County's share of the cloud-seeding funding will come from its "rainy day" reserve fund, he said.

King said 20 generators will be placed in the two counties, although the exact locations haven't been determined. He said the project is expected to increase snow accumulation on peaks 7,500 feet or higher, but no additional snow is expected in the lower elevations.

The generators are to be on line by Dec. 21 and operational no later than Jan. 1.

King said the county started looking seriously at a cloud-seeding program early this autumn.