Students at Dixon Middle School came up with a fun way to get rid of their hair Wednesday, at least that's what Almond Cox says.

Cox and three of her classmates had their hair "buzzed" in a school assembly after promising students they would do so if the school's Christmas for Quarters fund drive exceeded $1,250.Students raised $1,918 this year, compared with last year's $1,250. The event is sponsored by the school's Builders Club.

Carma Harrison, a secretary at the school, said the driving force behind the fund-raiser most likely came from Cox and her willingness to sacrifice her curly, brown locks. Cox ended up with a nice cut, thanks to Von Curtis stylists.

The other volunteers were male, but students seemed just as anxious to see them get their hair cut at the assembly.

"Shave 'em, shave 'em, shave 'em," was the common chant in the gymnasium. "We want to see some skin."

A look in the mirror by each volunteer brought the same results - wide eyes and a comment that the hair was really short.

After his haircut, Gabe Chadsey said, "I feel naked - like I'm running around without any clothes on."

Beau Bennett seemed to be the lucky one of the day. His hair was completely shaved during the event. Chadsey only got a spiked do, and Tom Hindmarsh was given a flat top.

Randon Olsen, adviser to the Builders Club, became a part of the event as he was pulled into a chair for a haircut. He was lucky students didn't demand a buzz.

Proceeds from the drive are used to help the needy and less fortunate living within Dixon's boundaries. Students in need of clothing, shoes or coats are given certificates from the club as well.

People knowing of deserving families desiring assistance should contact Aria Mitchell, counselor at the school.