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Holidays mean parties and parties can mean a mess. Many people who like to entertain refrain from doing so because they dislike the idea of post-party cleanup and risking damage to their furnishings.

But easy cleanup is possible and entertaining friends and family does not have to be at the expense of prized furnishings. With a few precautions and some advance planning, you and your guests can enjoy a good party at home.Johnson Wax offers the following suggestions for "party-proofing" your home for holiday entertaining, and some post-celebration cleanup tips:

- Clean a "no-wax" floor with a polish that will strip itself with each new application and protect the floor's finish from scratching and dulling. Spills will blot up easily without dulling the shine and sticky spots will be removed when fresh floor polish is applied.

- Candles enhance party atmosphere but spilled wax can stain furniture finishes. Candle holders large enough to hold drips and spills can help, but if spills occur on a wax-protected surface, try the following: Harden the wax with ice inside a plastic bag. Then "pop" the hardened wax from the surface with a plastic card or cooking tool. Re-apply furniture polish to restore shine.

- Wood floors can be kept in good condition when they are protected with a solvent-based floor care product. Reduce the chance of water stains by placing saucers under holiday plants and by wiping up wet spills as soon as they occur.

- Some holiday foods can leave kitchen odors that will permeate the house. A solid room air deodorizer can help.

- Supply plenty of coasters for glasses and cups and place them where they will invite use. Prevent damage from wet glasses or cups by protecting furniture with an aerosol furniture polish. If a spill occurs, blot - don't rub - with a soft cloth. Protect dining tables with pads under placemats or tablecloths.

- Pre-treat stained table linen with a laundry soil and stain remover about one minute before laundering the item. When laundering, use the hottest water possible for the fabric type and a measured amount of laundry detergent. If stains remain after the wash cycle, re-treat and launder again.