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Ladies' Home Journal asked weight-loss experts to identify common diet-defeating habits and offer suggestions about how to avoid these diet-busters during the holidays.

Closet eaters overindulge in high calorie, snack attacks when no one is looking. After confessing that those calories do count, they should find alternative pleasures such as visiting a friend or enjoying an exercise class.Harried Christmas shoppers sometimes settle for caloric, fatty fast foods. But it's just as convenient to look for leafy vegetables at the salad bar. At home, try popping a piece of fish into the microwave. It cooks in only three minutes.

A brownie or granola bar is not low in calories just because it is "all natural. " Be sure to read labels and become aware of the amount of fat and calories in health foods.

When dining out, dieters should order low calorie foods such as fish and salads and insist foods are not smothered in fattening sauces or dressings. A true commitment to cuting calories also means splitting dessert or entrees and asking for a doggy bag to avoid over-indulgence.

At a friendly get-together, don't succumg to herd mentality and eat fattening foods just to fit in. Stick to the simpler foods and skip sauces.

As the body functions best when meals arre spaced throughout the day, don't starve all day and then stuff yourself at evening parties. Stick to a regular eating routine, especially during holidays. Plan ahead, eat smart and exercise.