A young woman who was attacked by a foul-smelling man in the ZCMI Center parking terrace escaped when two well-dressed men carrying Christmas packages dropped them to come to her rescue, a police report said.

In the report, the attacker was described as an "unkept and scruffy-looking white male in his late-30s with a very foul body odor." He had a short beard and pot belly and was wearing a black plaid flannel shirt and plaid pants.The woman reported that she first saw the man sitting on a bench by the stairs in the center of the mall's main level, and when she took the elevator to the seventh parking level, he got out there too from another elevator.

She said he followed her to her car, grabbed her arm, shook her and tried to lift her skirt. The victim hit the man several times and screamed until two unidentified male shoppers dropped their packages and pulled the man away from her, telling her to leave, the report said.

The police report said the 18-year-old woman went home and became ill but did not report the incident until the next day.