Identical twins Sherri Jackson and her sister Shauna Taylor, both of Kearns, have identical jobs as mail carriers at the Kearns Post Office, where they continue to confound their fellow employees and the city's postal patrons.

The two were born Sherri and Shauna Davidson on March 13, 25 years ago. Sherri says she was born three minutes before her sister. "It got me a job instead of my sister once. We both applied for work at a restaurant, and I was hired because I was older, although Shauna was hired a few months later."Sherri and her husband, Robert, are the parents of two girls and a boy. Shauna and her husband, Kent, have two boys and a girl. "We like each other's husbands," Shauna said. "In fact, I introduced Sherri to Robert. I see Sherri a lot at work and we see each other a great deal socially, but we both have lots of our own friends."

The twins grew up in South Salt Lake and then moved to Sandy and both graduated from Alta High School in 1981. Shauna joined the Postal Service four and a half years ago and Sherri started work there two and a half years ago. Both have been with the Kearns Branch about 18 months.

These days, Shauna has a foot route and walks 14 miles a day. Her sister has a motor route.

"I can get away with eating a lot more because I walk so much," Shauna said, smiling. "It was tough at first, walking so much, but I'm used to it now and it's fun, except in terrible weather."

Both work from 6 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and they often confuse their fellow workers because they look alike. Recently, one of the sisters asked for some time off and her boss went to her sister and said, "How come you need time off? You just had some." Of course, he had his signals - or his sisters - crossed.

Sherri says she often hears her customers remark that she seems to be everywhere at once. "They see me one place and my sister in another and they don't realize we are twins.

"I've taken my sister's route before, and when people I'm supposed to know talk to me as if we are fast friends, I just smile and nod and go along with it. It is easier than trying to explain to everybody that I am not who they think I am."

It is sometimes embarrassing, they admit, when people come up to one or the other twin in a grocery or on the street and expect instant recognition. "One lady confronted me once and said I had snubbed her in a store a few days earlier. It was simply that she knew Shauna and not me. I explained it all to her, but I got the feeling she didn't believe me entirely," Sherri said.

The twins share a love for skiing. But they are not alike in many ways. Shauna loves to read and Sherri says she doesn't read much at all. Sherri would like to learn more about geology and Shauna is interested in crafts and sewing.

They used to be more alike. When the sisters were in kindergarten and first grade, their parents dressed them identically, Sherri said. "We used to pull a few tricks on our teacher in first grade, but we haven't intentionally tricked anyone since then," she said.

"We convinced our parents not to dress us alike when we were about 12 and from then on we dressed differently," Sherri said.

The two have one tiny, physical difference that is easily spotted: Sherri has a little mole high on her left cheek. (Or is it on Shauna's cheek?)