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The City Council has approved a mission and strategies statement to govern its Economic Development Committee.

The committee is responsible for making recommendations to the council and implementing approved policies stemming from those recommendations. The committee is seeking to attract, expand and retain commercial and light industrial businesses.The mission statement says the committee's efforts are to generate revenues for the city, to meet the needs of property owners and citizens of the community, and to achieve the long-term vitality of the city, consistent with community values.

Strategies to meet the mission goals include marketing, inter-government resource coordination, city resource coordination and capital.

Marketing will include recruiting, targeting, advertising, promoting, hosting, public relations and any other effort deemed worthwhile in attracting commercial and light industrial development to the city.

Inter-government resources include working with other cities, the Legislature, lobbying efforts and acting as an advocate for the city.

City resource development includes helping develop an infrastructure, such as water systems, sewer systems, roads and utility services, that will help attract new businesses. Also, efforts will include streamlining application and approval processes to make the city more attractive.

Capital involves developing strategies for bonding, using special taxing districts, special financial incentives and tax rebates to help make the city more attractive.

The committee has already helped formulate two new zoning classifications for the city that will largely be confined to the area between the Jordan River and I-15. The city hopes to keep the committee working on a long-term basis to help build the tax base needed to support the city's continuing growth and development.