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And inasmuch as ye shall keep my commandments, ye shall prosper, and shall be led to a land of promise; yea, even a land which I have prepared for you; yea, a land which is choice above all other lands. (1 Ne. 2:20)

As missionaries in France, our main contacting goal was potential priesthood leaders who would be pillars in the branch after we were transferred. We always hoped to find the fathers at home when we tracted but were dismayed that the husbands often had still not returned home by 8 or 9 p.m.

Many families only saw the father sparingly due to tough economic conditions.

As we saw young fathers walking down the streets in the business centers we pulled along side on our bicycles and tried to get them to stop to hear our message. They all too frequently pointed at their watches and excused themselves due to lack of time.

As a 19-year-old having grown up in a comfortable mildle-class family, I began to ponder the realities of fitting the family-oriented gospel plan into the rigors of a modern economy. I wondered if after my mission, I would be forced to work so long and hard that I wouldn't often be at home or be able to enjoy the family life that was the expected norm of so many of my earlier Church lessons.

This concern troubled me on and off for several months. As I read the scriptures, I would have this concern in the back of my mind. This topic was often part of my prayers.

After a period of study and prayer, I discovered an answer in the Book Of Mormon that calmed my fears then, and has continued to be a strong support to this day. I read in 1 Ne. 2:20 that if we are obedient to the commandments of God, we will prosper in the land. I found other places in the Book of Mormon where this promise was repeated.