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United Kingdom/Ireland/Africa Area

Building filled, expanded

WESTON-SUPER-MARE, England - Church growth in this resort town on England's western coast in evident in the recent dedication of an extension to the ward meetinghouse. Bristol England Stake Pres. Gordon Perkins attributes much of the growth to increased member-missionary and fellow-shipping activities, and to an influx of people moving into the area to find work. "There is a good spirit among members of the ward, and the Church is growing," said Pres. Perkins. "The ward was in much need of the extension. It has been holding classes in the kitchen and corridors." The Church became established in the area in the 1950s, when a house in which to hold meetings was purchased.

Europe Area

Half-hour program presented

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK - The Odense, Esbjerg and Frederica wards in the Aarhus Denmark Stake recently combined their choirs to present a 30-minute television program. The program, produced by the Church's public communications department in Odense, was televised by nine local television stations throughout Denmark.

Asia Area

More Thai missionaries

BANGKOK, THAILAND - More than 30 Thai members of the Church served as full-time missionaries during 1987, reported Pres. Floyd B. Weed of the Thailand Bangkok Mission. More than 20 are currently serving, and many now are preparing for their mission calls. "The Church Educational System is providing excellent training to help prepare these future missionaries," said Pres. Weed.

Philippines/Micronesia Area

Leaders fight gambling

GUAM - Church leaders are joining other religious and civic leaders in speaking out against poker machines, which the legislature is considering eliminating. Gambling has been on the increase since it was legalized two years ago. Cases have been reported where children were left alone in cars while their parents gambled, and gambling debts have affected many people. Guam District Pres. Dennis Harston said publicly that the Church is against all forms of gambling.

Mexico/Central America Area

Mission enjoys success

QUETZALTENANGO, GUATEMALA - The Guatemala Quetzaltenango Mission baptized more than twice its usual number of of converts in December, placing it among the highest baptizing missions in the Church for that month, reported Elder Sergio Arnado of Guatemala City, assistant to mission Pres. Mario A. Lopez. "We missionaries also sacrificed and dedicated ourselves a little more. The whole mission pulled together."

South America North Area

Council invites Church into city

TINQUIPAYA, BOLIVIA - The leaders of this city of about 20,000 people, located on the ouskirts of Cochabamba, want the Church to be a bigger part of their community. They have offered a free lot in the heart of the city to build a meetinghouse. They also have invited Church representatives to appear at a city councel meeting to teach basic principles of the gospel, and have offered cooperation in setting up other public gatherings. "The city council is seeking ways for the city to progress," said Pres. Harrell G. Fallis of the Bolivia Cochabamba Mission. "They've heard what we stand for and feel the Church would be a positive addition to their community."

Brazil Area

Personalized books help

PORTO ALEGRE, BRAZIL - Nearly all family-to-family, personalized copies of the Book of Mormon sent to this mission to help in converting people, said mission Pres. Pedro Brassonini. "The missionaries placed nine family-to-family copies of the book of Mormon a short time ago," he said, "and all nine of the people have been baptized. In general, we have almost 100 percent baptisms from these books." He said missionaries are given three books per companionship each month. "We would like to have more copies. I just visited a wonderful family last week - the father was very prominent in town. He was very grateful for the book he'd received."

South America South Area

Video aids leaders

BAHIA BLANCA, ARGENTINA - A video produced under the direction of stake Pres. Daniel Fucci is helping leaders understand the importance of staying close to youths. The video portrays a young man becoming inactive because leaders weren't available at critical times. In the video, the youth eventually becomes active again and, as he leaves for a mission, thanks those who helped, saying that his mission is the result of their work.

North America Northeast Area

Civic breakfast attended

MORRISTOWWN, N.J. - Missionaries and members of the Morristown New Jersey Stake joined church, civic, legislative and business leaders at a recent inter faith breakfast. Sixteen missionaries and 16 stake members were among about 400 people attending the breakfast, and nearly all served as hosts at tables, mediating discussions on three central points - education, housing and jobs. The presence of Church members was felt and a line of communication was established with the community, said stake Pres. Steven Wood.

North America Central Area

Temple work up dramatically

STEVENSVILLE, MONT. - Temple work increased dramatically in the Stevensville Montana Stake in 1987. The stake exceeded its goal by more than 100 percent. Members of this southwestern Montana stake must travel 250 miles over two mountain passes to reach the Idaho Falls Temple in Idaho. Success in the stake is attributed to the calling of temple attenders, led by Cal and Leila Hansen. During the year Helen Wilson, 81, was one of the more faithful temple attenders.

North America Southeast Area

Warm outpouring of love

KISSIMMEE, FLA. - Three women recently joined the Church after attending a special program for women sponsored by the Kissimmee Ward, Orlando Florida Stake. Women in the city were invited by mailed and personal invitations, and by newspaper articles. They listened to a spiritual message about the role and responsiblility of Christian women in the world today, then attended workshops on self-esteem, education or crafts. Linda Giles, one of the women who was baptized, commented, "I felt such a special spirit that night and such a warm outpouring of love from the members. I had to know more."

North America Southwest Area

Stake doubles goal

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS - With 113 convert baptisms in 1987, the Corpus Christi Texas Stake more than doubled its original goal of a 50 percent increase over 1986. "Everything was going so well," said stake mission Pres. David Noble, "by mid-year we increased our original goal to 75 percent, and during the last three months of 1987, to 100 percent. We achieved that on Christmas Eve with five baptisms." The success is attributed to a joint effort by full-time and stake missionaries to teach part-member families.

North America West Area

Asian branches take region

MODESTO, CALIF. - Cambodian and Laotian young women in two Asian branches of the Stockton California Stake combined forces to make up a volleyball team which, without a coach, went on to win the regional tournament here recently, said Carolyn Abbott, stake public communications director. "They barely had enough girls to make a team," she said. "But it was a thrill to watch their team spirit and temendous enthusiasm on the court."

Utah South Area

'Linemen' share commitment

CEDAR CITY, UTAH - Elder Vaughn J. Featherstone of the First Quorum of the Seventy, president of the Utah South Area and general Young Men president, shared the pulpit here with professional football lineman Jason Buck at a fireside, attended by some 6,000 people. Both Elder Featherstone and Buck described disadvantaged childhoods, and both shared a commitment for living the gospel and for achievement. Elder Featherstone was introduced as a "defensive lineman" for the Young Men program.