By earnestly seeking, we can discover that the Book of Mormon writers wrote primarily about our Savior. They wrote of Him because of their conviction of His divinity, because they knew Him.

Through the Holy Ghost these prophetic writers knew that their writings would bear testimony to a confused world that Jesus is the Christ and would help us to know Him and love Him.He is so important to the Book of Mormon prophets that as they wrote their testimonies of the promised Messiah, they mentioned some form of His name on an average of every 1.7 verses.

These prophetic scribes refer to Jesus Christ by 101 different names from the first reference to Him as Lord in 1 Nephi 1:1 to the final name in the Book of Mormon given Him as Eternal Judge, in Moroni 10:34.

Each of the 101 names signified to the prophets a different attribute or characteristic of Him and was used appropriately to convey their recognition of who He is and what His mission represents. As a result, His profound character, His singular mission, and His divine relationship to us are most clearly revealed.

Although many holy men living in the western hemisphere have known of, spoken of, and written of Christ, only a few of these righteous servants of God have recorded that they saw Him. The exception to the few occurred in the Americas in A.D. 34. In that year, Jesus Christ visited members of the house of Joseph. A remnant of Joseph's seed saw, heard, and touched the resurrected Lord and recognized Him as the Mediator and Redeemer.