25 years ago

On Feb. 23, 1963, the Church News announced the creation of four districts in the Brazilian Mission, the Campinas, Santos, Sao Paulo and Tiete Districts. The districts were created from the Sao Paulo District, which had 3,000 members.

The organization was made possible by an increased number of men coming into the Church during the past few years. With more priesthood leaderhsip available, branches were expanded and then divided.

Mission authorities said the district division was in line with the new stake-building program called "Six Steps to A Stake." This program was initiated in Uruguay by Mission Pres. J. Thomas Fyans and South America Mission president, Elder A. Theodore Tuttle of the First Council of the Seventy. Additional modifications to the program were added for the Brazilian divisions by Elder Tuttle and Brazilian Mission Pres. William Grant Bangerter.

The program is a step-by-step process in which an area is prepared for the creation of stakes. A stake was later organized in Sao Paulo May 1, 1966. Two years later, another stake was formed, with Helio R. Camargo, now a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy, called as president. Currently, nine of Brazil's 56 stakes are in Sao Paulo.

Quotes from the past

"The law of financial prosperity to the Latter-day Saints, under covenant with God, is to be an honest tithepayer, and not to rob the Lord in tithes and offerings. Prosperity comes to those who observe the law of tithing; and when I say prosperity I am not thinking of it in terms of dollars and cents alone, although as a rule the Latter-day Saints who are the best tithepayers are the most prosperous men financially; but what I count as real prosperity, as the one thing of all others that is of great value to every man and woman living, is the growth in the knowledge of God, and in a testimony, and in the power to live the gospel and to inspire our families to do the same." - President Heber J. Grant, the Deseret News Church Section, May 23, 1936