A special postal cancellation stamp was created by the Syracuse post office in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the Italy Catania Mission. The mission also created special post cards for the anniversary.

The postal cancellation was created in conjunction with commemorative events held at the Syracuse meetinghouse. Activities included speeches, music and poetry, and film and drama presentations. Several public officials, including representatives from government offices, and many non-members attended."Members and non-members participated in the events," said Giovanna Marino, a Church public communications director in Italy.

"The anniversary was a testimony of the work of the Lord, and it continues to be. Since the anniversary, many non-members have let the missionaries in and are reading the Book of Mormon."

"The anniversary events strengthened the testimonies of members, and helped us also to remember our dear forefathers. The press dedicated four articles to the anniversary and local television and radio stations featured highlights of the celebration."